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About Fraps

The screen capture functionality that Fraps has to offer focuses on videos games, meaning that you can use this application to take screenshots and to video recording your gaming sessions. If you stumble across something astonishing while playing a game, press the F10 hotkey and Fraps will take a screenshot. If you want to further highlight the astonishing thing you uncovered, press the F9 hotkey and Fraps will start recording.

There’s one other thing that Fraps can do: perform on-demand benchmarks and measure the frame rate. Speaking about the frame rate, it’s worth pointing out that Fraps features a FPS overlay that constantly presents the current frame rate. By default, the FPS overlay is displayed in the top left hand corner. You can change this default location and even hide the overlay completely if you want to.

Fraps isn’t free software and the trial version comes with multiple limitations.

Fraps Features

Take single or continual screenshots

Press the F10 hotkey and Fraps will take a screenshot. If you enabled the function to "repeat screen capture every X seconds", Fraps will keep taking screenshots until you press the F10 hotkey a second time.

Video record your gameplay

Fraps' screen capture functionality isn’t limited to taking screenshots, it applies to recording video as well. You can use this application to record your gaming sessions. Press the F9 hotkey to start the video recording.

Fraps is a benchmarking tool as well

Choose for how long to run the benchmark and pick if what you want the benchmark to include: FPS, Frametimes, MinMaxAvg. Then simply press the F11 hotkey to initiate the benchmark.

Customizable FPS overlay

By default, the FPS overlay is displayed in the upper left hand corner. If you don’t like that, instruct Fraps to put the overlay in some other corner. And if you don’t like the overlay, disable it altogether.

Automatically run Fraps at startup

From the General menu you can instruct FPS to automatically run when Windows starts, to start minimized, and to minimize itself to the system tray instead of the taskbar.