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About LMMS

LMMS provides a broad range of professional audio editing tools. Though its name stands for Lunix MultiMedia Studio, the software is available for other operating systems as well, including Windows. Mixing sounds, creating beats or arranging samples are just a few things you can do with LMMS.

The software comes with a customizable user interface. Its tools are displayed on separate panels, withing the main window and you can arrange them however you think is more comfortable for you. By default, LMMS displays a song editor, an effects mixer and a beat and bassline editor, but you can bring up more tools if you need to.

LMMS serves a wide variety of purposes. It can be quite useful for enhancing existing tracks or creating new ones from the ground up. You can find all sorts of useful features, including a piano-roll, for editing patterns and melodies. You can mix in special effects, as well as all sorts of instruments, to create music exactly how you imagine.

LMMS Features

Instruments and panels

There are numerous instruments available and you can mix them however you want. Also, the software comes with a good number of samples.


If you feel that LMMS is lacking something, you can extend its functionality through various plug-ins, which are available online.

Management features

The user interface has a built-in file explorer, which makes it much easier to locate local media files and to manage projects.


The software is developed for numerous Linux distributions, as well as other operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X.

Rich documentation

The interface and its controls may seem intimidating at first, but you can find a huge amount of helpful information on the software's website.