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About PrimoPDF

If you can print a file, then you can turn that file into a PDF. All you have to do is select PrimoPDF as the printer. PrimoPDF will function as a virtual printer and will take the file you selected for printing and turn it into a PDF document.

The easiest way of using PrimoPDF is to drag and drop files onto its desktop shortcut. Take a TXT file for example, drag and drop it onto PrimoPDF’s short on the desktop, and PrimoPDF will take the TXT file and convert it to a PDF document.

PrimoPDF Features

Easy PDF conversion

Converting a file to PDF is as easy as dragging and dropping it onto PrimoPDF’s shortcut on the desktop.

Print anything as a PDF

Any file that can be printed out can be turned into a PDF with PrimoPDF. Any application that supports the print function can work with PrimoPDF to create PDF documents.

PDF Security

Set it so a password is required to open the PDF document. Set it so a password is required to access a PDF document’s certain functions.

Open PDFs after creating them

By default, PrimoPDF will open a PDF document after it creates it. It can open the PDF document with your default PDF reader or with a custom program.

Email PDFs after creating them

PrimoPDF features an “email PDF” post processing option.