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About Rufus

Rufus gives you the possibility of installing an operating system from a USB flash drive. It is capable of creating bootable drives from installation discs or ISO images. You can forget about installing your system from a disc, which is prone to scratches. The application will help you get an installation USB, which is more durable and faster.

Creating a bootable drive is quite easy. If a device is plugged in, you only need to select it in a drop menu, choose a source ISO and click a button. In addition, you can select a file system, specify a cluster size and choose a volume label. It takes several minutes to create a bootable drive, but the application won't ask you for any further input.

Rufus works with various operating systems. It can create installation drives for all Windows and Linux versions. It is also possible to create installation drives for other systems, like FreeDOS.

The targeted drive will be formatted, so you should make sure it doesn't contain any important data. Before it gets formatted, you can set the application to check the drive for bad blocks. Also, you can set the application to check for bad blocks once or multiple times.

Rufus Features

Clean and simple functionality

All preparations can be made in just a few seconds, with only a few clicks.

Multiple file systems

Before it creates a bootable drive, the application will format the drive, using the FAT32 file system, NTFS or others.

Device integrity check

Before it formats your drive, the application will check the device for bad blocks. Also, you can set the application to perform one check or more.

Support for multiple operating systems

You may create a bootable device with any Windows version. Furthermore, the application works with other systems, including Linux or FreeDOS.

No installation

The application comes as a single executable, which you can just download and run. There is no need to go through an installation process.