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About iTools

With its large keyboard and large monitor, your desktop computer certainly is a lot easier to use than your smaller iPhone. The next time you want to manage all the files that are stored on your phone, why don’t you connect it to your PC, launch iTools, and use this handy application to manage all the apps, photos, music, videos, and books that are stored on your mobile.

On top of letting you manage everything that’s stored on your iDevice, iTools comes with a nice collection of tools that might prove to be very useful. There’s a tool that migrates data, a tool that create ringtones, a tool that monitors the battery, and more.

iTools Features

Information about your iDevice

Connect your iPhone and iTools will bring up some general information about it: serial number, iOS version, battery level, and so on.

Manage all your apps

iTools lists all the apps that are installed on your device, helps you get the latest updates for your apps, and lets you uninstall the apps you no longer need.

Browse through all your media

Browse through your collection of photos, videos, music and books. Delete media files you no longer need, transfer media files to and from your computer.

Colorful skins for the interface

If you don’t like the default skin, you can change the way iTools looks like by selecting a different skin. Multiple colorful skins are available.

iTools Toolbox

From the Toolbox, you can access a tool that creates ringtones, a tool that migrates data between iDevices, a tool that gets the latest firmware, and more.